Lesley SingletonblattertPR is part of “The Play Group”, a global alliance of partner agencies; initiated by Playtime PR – the award-winning PR agency for playful brands in the UK! For more than three years we’ve been working successfully with Lesley. Our first common client: Rollplay! Now we expand our alliance with other values-driven agencies around the world!

The strategic move ensures Playtime’s clients have access to expert PR solutions in even more territories, as the agency has identified and partnered with playful specialists now in the USA, Italy and Spain. The Play Group’s founding members in the different countries are: Playtime PR, blattertPR, Playwise Partners, BeNow Comunicacion and Pragmatika.

How did you come to the idea to create a network like this?

“The alliance is a flexible solution for existing clients seeking a similar agency approach in other countries, as well as for new brands seeking a one-agency-style approach but with truly localised solutions. Our global clients would say ‘We want Playtime, but in all our key territories please, not just the UK’.

What do the agencies have in common?

“So, we set about identifying the right agencies to build this Group with – it couldn’t be just anyone! It had to be those that shared our playfully brilliant work ethic, our values and passion, our no-nonsense results-driven style. The agencies you see here as we launch The Play Group are exactly the right fit. Some have a similar model to ours; some were born just before or during the pandemic – what they all have in common is a desire to create excellent work for their clients, always.

Why blattertPR?

“We have already been working very well with the team at blatterPR for three years now and so it was hugely important to me that they would be one of the founding agencies of The Play Group. I’m really pleased they agreed to continue partnering with us and look forward to many more years of collaboration!”