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PR Services with lasting success

Would you like to put your business, your product or your services in the spotlight to garner the full attention of media and customers? blattertPR provides you with comprehensive PR services across all types of media – with lasting success! We take a long view and bet on a mix of classic media relations, influencer relations and social media campaigns.

Placing a news story with a media outlet is not exactly rocket science. But building a brand, positioning and establishing it for the long term is the result of continuous press and public relations work. To ensure that your public relations is not a flash in the pan, we offer monthly retainer packages as well as individual services like influencer campaigns, social media strategy and implementation – to ensure you stay in people‘s minds.

We offer a variety of services ranging from classic public and media relations through social media consulting, content and community management, up to the creation of any type of text – adapted to your company and your products. We communicate in ways that are geared to the target audience, unique and distinctive, and above all custom-made for your company’s strategy and your corporate identity. Whether online or print: We won‘t just find the right channels for you, but also the right words.

Do you need an idea for your next PR or marketing campaign, your new catalogue or an effective hook for your upcoming press release? Are you planning to launch your social media presence, a new website or a corporate blog, but don‘t know where to start? We‘ll help you right from the beginning. As a PR agency with focus on online communications, we will support you all the way and let you benefit from our long-standing expertise.

When developing a strategic PR concept, your communication goals are paramount. What are you trying to achieve with your public relations, influencer relations, marketing and social media campaigns? And, even more important, who are you trying to reach? We will help you clarify your goals and target groups and use these as a basis to develop a custom-made master plan for you.

We plan your trade fair presences, (online-) press tours and events, we create points of contact with journalists and influencers – and maintain your relationship with them, too. Writing press releases is as much part of our portfolio as collaborations with relevant media and influencers. Your advantage: You‘ll benefit from our long-standing relationship with influencers and  journalists. We can position your products in the target media in ways that are both authentic and image-enhancing. And we never lose sight of your target audience. You will be in exactly the right place to be seen or heard.

Thanks to our target-oriented communication method we directly reach your stakeholders. We know how to create exciting stories. We have a strong emphasis on storytelling and content marketing. Only lively and emotional stories stay in mind. In the end, a good story will help the consumer to identify with the product or company. We support you to find your stories and to place them in the relevant channels, so that your messages stay in the minds of the end-consumers. We build up trust and increase the credibility towards the public.